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We service all of Washington, Penobscot, and Southern Aroostook County. Other counties are by request only.

Yes we do. Our company is here for you before, during, and after the inspection to answer any questions you may have. Weather your a first time home buyer, or a investor our company can answer any questions you may have.

Our company understands being a small rural area that no everyone has a lot of money. We have set our fees to point where we still stay profitable, but also allowing our clients to feel like they got a deal.

When you call for a septic inspection our company will ask for basic information such as property address, and if you know of any prior issues or age of the system.

Once we have this information we will then run a permit search through DHHS and if a permit is found we will then move onto the next steps, if no permit is found we will make a note of it on the inspection report form, and move onto the next step.

– The day of the inspection, the inspector will arrive at the location and meet with the client or realtor. He will review some basic information, and show a copy of the permit if on file.
– From there a plumbing inspection will be done to check for leaks, breaks, or any other issues.

– Once the plumbing inspection is done the inspector will go over with the client or realtor any findings, from there he will move on to locating the tank. To locate the tank when a permit is available a metal detector or probe will be used. If no permit he will estimate the location based off the outlet in the home.

– Once the man hole cover is located, he will then uncover the inspection ports (if available), and dug up he will remove the cover (for this part clients and realtors are asked to stay back a few feet as tanks contain methane). From there he will measure the scum, water, and sludge levels of the tank.

– Once the levels are taken he will then use a mirror to inspect top, sides, and bottom (if tank is empty) for any cracks, breaks, or other damage. Any damage or cracks will be recorded, but images are not always possible. He will also check the outlet tee filter if installed.

– Once the tank is done a inspection of the baffle box will be done check for any damage, or other issues.

– Finally a leach field inspection will be done we may do this by digging two small holes in the field, or by running a septic inspection camera from the baffle box to the end of the irrigation pipe or alternate system whichever maybe installed at the time. This may also include running the septic inspection camera from the home clean out to the inlet of the tank to check for any damage, roots, breaks, or other issues.

At the end the inspector will go over the findings, and finish filling out the inspection report onsite. If images are done a report will be emailed to you within 24hrs. The report is for your records and does not need to be submitted to the state or city / town unless requested.

As you can see there is quite a bit to the average septic system inspection. Usually we recommend a septic system inspection every 2 years, and yearly for systems over 25 years as these systems maybe coming to the end of there useful life.

Our company also offers the following:

  • Home Inspections
  • Septic Inspections
  • Pellet Stove Cleaning
  • Oil Burner Service
  • Heat Pump Service / Installs
  • Air Conditioning Repair / Service / Installation
  • Septic System Installations
  • Demolition Work

Yes we do. Weather you need a plumbing inspection, code inspection, electrical, heating and / or cooling inspection, chimney, or anything else please contact us for a quote.


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